Welocome Linde Group Engineers

2018.12.21 15:00:30

SIJIHUO REFRACTORY is professional in manufacturing special shape refractory bricks. We accept customer design, and can meet your any demands. Even for complicated structure burners or precast shape blocks.

We have sucessfully cooperated with Line group on their different burner block items, which are applied in various of industrial furnaces, like aluminium melting furnace, glass kiln, steel metallurgy etc, to match and help Linde Group achieve their energy saving technical idea.

They choose different material according to different application, usually corundum-mullite material, and fused mullite material. These kinds of materials are with quite good performace on thermal shock resistance, and high working temperature up to 1800℃, and strong cold crushing strength.

If you have such kind of requirement, please don't hesitate to contact with us.



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