Production process

How is brown castable refractory produced?

SIJIHUO REFRACTORY begun unshaped refractory producing since 1999, adopting a three-dimensional production line, with huge operating space for advantaged facilities and high -degree-automatized machines, to make sure producing stable and high-quality refractory materials.

Unshaped Refractories are made of the raw material mixture with refractory aggregates, fine powder, and bindings, and other special additives. It’s adopted installation way of casting, vibrating, or it can also be customized and prefabricated as per customers’ drawings, for various of constructing industrial furnaces’ linings.

Unshaped Refractory
Unshaped Refractory Unshaped Refractory Unshaped Refractory Unshaped Refractory


What kind of refractory should you choose?

Unshaped refractory can be divided into below different types by the installation ways. Unshaped refractory can be divided into below different types as per the different raw manterials and additives and bindings.
  • high temp adhesive

    High-Temperature Adhesive

  • Precast Blocks

  • Steel fiber reinforced refractory castable

  • High alumina refractory castable

  • alumina silicate castable

    Corundum low cement refractory castable

  • corundum mullite castable

    corundum-mullite refractory castable

  • Design

    How to save your project cost?

    Before the application of unshaped refractories, it’s quite necessary to analyze the below factors:

    • To choose suitable lining materials according to the furnace type, structure and furnace operating condition, it can help to minimize and balance the project costs.
    • To design a reasonable lining structure, and matched with suitable refractory lining materials to maximize the furnace service life and save operating costs.

    Furnace Wall – Design and RefractoriesFurnace wall usually be constructed with light and heavy refractories with two layers:

    1.Insulation layer (40-200mm thickness) with ceramic board or blanket, insulation fire brick.

    2.Refractory working layer(230-300mm thickness) with refractory bricks or castable.

    Anchor metal parts are the necessary connections during the lining construction.

    Furnace Roof – Design and Refractories

    Similar to furnace wall lining design and refractories.


    Do you really know how to install the unshaped refractories?

    • Preparation Works
      • To inspect the furnace structure is qualified and available for installation.
      • To clean the nearby working environment to be tidy and clean.
      • To prepare for related facilities, tools and materials.
    • Installation Guide
      • Reading the installation manual carefully before handling.
      • Testing material ratio before installation to make sure everything ready.
      • Installing as per the manual guider step by step until the procedure is done.
    • Baking Lining
      • Before operating, the most important work is to bake the furnace lining.
      • The baking curves differ from the discrepancy of various castable types.
      • The baking curve is provided by the manufacturer.

    Prefabricated Blocks

    Why are prefabricated blocks more and more popular in recent years?

    Prefabricated Blocks Development:

    • With the industrial revolution of “energy-saving and consumption reduction”, non-fired products came into being, replacing some fired products. Select the materials according to the drawings and process the prefabricated blocks with different combinations.
    • A variety of prefabricated components can meet the requirements for rapid construction and baking of industrial furnaces. Technical standards are implemented according to the selection of similar castables.
    • Application: Such as hot air furnace ceramic burner, electric furnace cover, heating furnace bottom brick, furnace wall brick, furnace roof brick, various types of burning nozzle brick, furnace door brick, tapping trough wear-resistant brick, ladle lining brick, electric furnace roof bricks.
    • SIJIHUO REFRACTORY insists on creating superior customized precast shapes and a wide variety of materials to withstand the critical high-temperature demands for various industries. The numerous beneficial properties of our precast shapes provide tailored solutions for our customers. We can create a drawing of exactly refractory product shapes that you may need.
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