Refractory bricks quality

2019.01.18 15:27:59

Lime kiln lining refractory bricks

Monday- August 27, 2018.

SIJIHUO REFRACTORY welcomed our canadian clients for checking fire brick quality. We have settled order on July for demand on their lime kiln lining refractory bricks and castables.

Our cooperation referring to a big project of lime kiln. Lime kiln is the most necessary heater facilities for sugar manufacturing. Our clients have long time cooperation with several sugar manufactures in Cuba. They have quite big demand on fire bricksrefractory castables, mortars and refractory cement.

This visiting, on one hand, they want to know fire brick production process. On the other hand, to check our refractory material quality control system. Our technicians also explained to them our advantages. Refractory material specification is different on various of industries application. It's our pleasure to share professional knowledge of refractory bricks and unshaped refractory. To help them improve their furnace or kiln service life.

SIJIHUO REFRACTORY can provide much more professional solutions for various of industrial furnaces lining refractories, not only for lime kiln, but cement kiln lining refractories, like wear resistant brick, high alumina brick, silica-mullite brick, basic magnesia spinel bricks, corundum castables, etc.; Glass furnace refractories ( sodium silicate furnace refractories) fused cast AZS 33#, AZS36, AZS41, mullite brick, silliminate bricks, silicon oxide brick GB-96A, and fire clay bricks N-1 N-2a, BN-40 etc.; Aluminium melting furnace lining refractories no-wetting castables, high dense alumina brick, wear resistant castables, steel fiber high strength castable refractory.

We can also provide insulation materials, including clay insulation fire brick, high alumina insulation brick, mullite insulation brick JM23 JM26 JM28 JM32 with different bulk density 0.5~1.2g/cm3, ceramic blanket or ceramic paper with different temperature classification 1100℃,1250℃, 1400℃, calcium silicate board HCS-20 HCS-23, HCS-24, HCS-27.

More furnace lining refractory material solutions, please leave us a message, we will reply you in 24 hours.



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