How to make a good choice for kiln lining refractories?

2020.03.16 14:39:34

If you want to build an industrial furnace or kiln, such as a lime kiln, you have to know how to choose the suitable fire bricks or castables for it. Some buyers even believe expensive one is the better one. That's definately wrong for choosing of fire bricks or castable refractory!

Today, we will talk about it in a brief way!

As a qualified refractory manufacturer, we have to know key points before recommendation them refractory materials and quotation:

  1. The furnace/kiln types
  2. The furnace working conditions: such as long time operating temperatures, max service temp, internal potential chemical reactions etc.
  3. Any special requirementS of refractories for differetn working zones

Importantly, tunnel kiln, shuttle kiln, cement rotary kiln, vertical lime kiln, all these kilns are with different characters, on basis of these important information, we recommend suitable refractory lining materials. Of course, some end users will choose their own design for refractory lining materials as per their experiences.

Especially for rotary kiln and lime kiln, the refractory materials is almost standardized and customized. Some working environments are quite severe, in this case, refractories application for this area must be with seriousely attention. Because the decision will affect the furnace overall service life.

We have to piont out clearly, refractory materials will affect the kiln service life time directly. If you don't know what refractory bricks, or castable suitable for your furnace linings, or you don't have a certain fire brick specification, please inquiry with SIJIHUO REFRACTORY technical supportors , we can give you professional suggestions on choosing correct kiln refractory bricks.



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