Chrome Corundum brick

2020.08.16 15:51:00

Chrome Corundum brick VS Corundum brickChrome Corundum brick refractoriness is above 1790 ℃, and Refractoriness under loading up to 1700 ℃, which are better than high purity corundum.

High purity corundum brick compressive strength is around 70-100Mpa, but great quality chrome corundum brick can reach above 150Mpa, apparently superior.

According to the industry study data, the thermal shock resistance becomes lower following the adding amount of cr2o3, and during cr2o3 content of 12~20%, the thermal shock resistance is better improved than corundum brick.

The oxide of cr2o3 in the Chrome corundum refractory material is with much lower solubility compared with other oxides. And through theoretical analysis and practice, Chrome corundum brick withstanding gasifier slag chemical corrosion and permeability are better than corundum brick, structural peeling resistance is superior to corundum brick.

Chrome corundum brick application:

Chrome corundum is more than double the service life of corundum brick, such as the Chrome corundum purging plug; In the nonferrous smelting industry, corundum brick abrasive resistance and erosion resistance is significantly better than other bricks.



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