What’s the application of corundum brick?

2020.08.13 17:41:52

Corundum brick is a kind of super grade refractory. From the view of chemical composition, the biggest difference from normal high alumina brick is the Al2O3 content is above 90%. The most advantage features are high compressive strength around 340Mpa, and higher refractoriness under loading up to 1700℃. The specification makes it with good chemical and mechanical stability, and well performance on withstanding the acid or basic slags, metal and glass liquid, etc.


Corundum brick is widely used in the high temperature, high pressure, severe working conditions, like the area with seriously chemical erosion and mechanical abrasion heat-treatment refractory lining materials. It is widely used for the blast furnace, and hot blast stove, slide gate and glass furnace, and petrochemical industry, and other industrial heat equipment.



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