Precast Blocks

Precast shapes Monolithic refractory castable cast-in-s…

Composition: Al2O3 50-95% Refractoriness: 1100-1800℃

Material Base: as per the application

Specification: Customized

Size: as per Drawing

Shelf Life: 24months

Lead Time: 15-20days



Product Overview

Precast shapes

Monolithic refractory castable cast-in-site is time-consuming and labor-intensive and requires the guidance of a professional technician. Thus, Precast shapes are a better choice and widely used by the cement, the steel plant, and the molten aluminum industry in recent years.

Due to the complex parts of some industrial kilns and thermal equipment, the cost of refractory brick products is relatively high.

SIJIHUO REFRACTORY produces precast shapes with low and ultra-low cement content refractory materials, such as mullite, corundum, corundum coordinate mullite, Silicon Carbide, etc. We insist on creating superior custom-engineered Precast Shapes and a wide variety of materials to withstand the critical demands for industries and provide tailored solutions to meet our customers' requirement


Refractory precasting advantages:
Precast shapes have favorable properties compared to cast-in-site, they are manufactured by specifically trained personnel in a controlled environment by the supplier, and produced by mixing and blending high-quality refractory concrete into molds. Thus it can reduce dry-out time and also save installation time. It’s easier to be repaired and decrease maintenance costs. All these handles can improve the mechanical reliability and length of the service life than casting refractory castable on site.


Precast shapes are a better choice and widely used by the cement, the steel plant, and the molten aluminum industry in recent years.

Professional Suggestions

SIJIHUO has the engineering support to design and make any precast shape and ensure the physical and thermal properties meet the customer’s needs.

If you are pouring, ramming, packing or vibrating your own refractories, SIJIHUO can offer you the optimal monolithic refractory material with the optimal specs in the ideal environment, to improve your refractory life and save you cost.


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