Thermal insulation refractory castable

Where can i buy insulation refractory castable? And wha…

Size: 0-6mm Max service temp: 1580℃

Capacity: 100 tons/day

Delivery: 15 working days

Package: 1 ton jumbo bag/ pallet

Specification: customized available

Product Overview

Where can i buy insulation refractory castable? And what is insulation refractory castable?

Henan is the most famous refractory raw material basis in China. SIJIHUO REFRACTORY has manufactured unshaped refractories for more than 20years. We can help to solve your problems of refractory castable.

Insulation castable is the widely used thermal insulation refractory material for industrial furnace insulation linings. It's made of lightweight refractory aggregates and fine powder, binders, and additives. Refractory aggregate varies including high alumina, porous clay, hollow ball, expanded perlite, and mullite materials, etc, which decided the different insulation castable chemical and physical properties.


  • Small volume density
  • low thermal conductivity
  • Good thermal insulating


This kind of insulation castable is suitable for insulation linings of cement rotary kiln.


Type light weight
thermal insualtion castable
Material insulation castable ALC0.6 insulation castable ALC0.8 insulation castable ALC1.0 insulation castable ALC1.2 insulation castable ALC1.5 insulation castable ALC1.65
Max working temp.(℃) 900 1100 1200 1250 1300 1350
Bulk density after drying at 110℃, g/cm3≤ 0.6 0.8 1 1.2 1.5 1.65
Chemical analysis, % Al2O3≥ 36 38 40 40 45 45
Cold bending strength (Mpa) 110℃*24H 0.5 0.7 1.5 4 4 4
800℃*3H 0.5 1
1100℃*3H 3 3 3
Cold crushing strength
110℃*24H 2 2.5 5 9 12 15
800℃*3H 2 3 8
1100℃*3H 15 25 30
Linear change after heating, % 800℃*3H 1.5 -0.7 -0.7
1100℃*3H ±0.30 ±0.30 ±0.30
Thermal  conductivity coefficient %
0.23 0.3 0.28 0.4 0.45 0.45
Water Addition 80-90% 70-80% 35-45% 16-20% 16-20% 16-20%
Construction method Ramming or Vibration Ramming or Vibration Ramming or Vibration Vibration Vibration Vibration
Application Thermal insulator lining of cement kiln

Professional Suggestions

As per different furnace lining design,  and client’s demand on insulation castable specification should also be adjusted. Bulk density varies from 0.5~1.8g/cm3, thermal conductivity will be changed accordingly. Any professional suggestions on your furnace lining projects, please contact SIJIHUO REFRACTORY for more recommendations.


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