How can I buy the correct firebrick? (Article 2)

2020.08.10 17:46:25

Some questions we are normally asked by the different customers:

1.Why the price is different for the high alumina brick?

As we explain in the above article, the high alumina brick can be divided into different ranges as per the alumina content, and the specification including chemical and physical properties also varies on the base of the different range. So the final user should choose the correct range for your actual application condition. And the price for high alumina brick varies from USD230 to 700/TON.

2.How to choose the correct fire bricks?

When you have a requirement of refractory materials, it’s better to provide us the below information:

3. More expensive, better quality?

Actually, NO!!!

Kind attention, If the fireclay bricks can meet the demand of the application in the furnace, then it’s not necessary to choose the high alumina bricks, considering the high alumina brick higher cost than fire clay brick. It doesn’t mean the higher cost, the better effect for the application.

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