What’s the price of high alumina brick? (Article 1.)

2020.08.10 17:32:44

High alumina brick is a kind of neutral refractory material. It's alumina silicate refractory material, with Al2O3 content above 48%.

According to the different raw material bases, European countries recognize Al2O3 above 42% named high alumina material. But in China, it’s above 48%. And as per the different content, it has three ranges: ClassⅠ- Al2O3>75%, ClassⅡ60-75%, ClassⅢ 48~60%.

Besides, the brick with al2O3 content above 90 is usually called corundum brick.

Production Process: High alumina brick is made of high purity calcined bauxite, by forming in a press machine, sintering at high-temperature tunnel kiln or shuttle kiln.

Advantages compared with fireclay bricks and silica brick

Application: It’s widely used for the linings masonry of the blast furnace, hot blast stove, reverberatory furnace(reverberating furnace), steel electric furnace roof, cement rotary kiln, and vertical lime kiln. High alumina brick can replace fire clay brick in the application of plug bricks, nozzle brick, and checker bricks on the open-hearth furnace regenerator.

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