calcium silicate panel

calcium silicate panel

Calcium Silicate board , also known as the porous calci…

Refractoriness: 650/1100℃ Application: thermal insulation

Common Calcium Silicate (650°C)
Standard Calcium Silicate (1050°C)
Thickness: 50-120mm; 25-50mm
Length*Width: 1000x500x25~120; 600x300x25~120

Product Overview

Calcium Silicate board , also known as the porous calcium silicate board, is a fiber-reinforced calcium silicate board, with silicon oxide, calcium oxide, and the reinforcing fibers as the main raw materials,
The products are made by stirring, heating, gelling, forming, pipe hardening and drying. processes. Calcium silicate board is a new type of rigid insulation material.  

calcium silicate board main material of the products are SiO2 43%, CaO 44% and reinforcing fiber. With light bulk weight, Low thermal conductivity and high bending and compressive strength character, using in construction.Petroleum, electric power and Building partition wall, curtain wall, roof and building envelope thermal insulation


  1. Obvious cooling :As a backing insulation materials,they have a very marked effect of energy consevation,as a result of less accumulation of heat and bigger heat protection.
  2. Good durability:After long used,the boards do not shrink,out of shape and turning powder out,insulation performance does not decline .
  3. High rate strength:The rate strength of calcium silicate board is the highest in the thermo inorganic material.During the design,it can lighten the all-up weight of the kiln and stove greatly.
  4. Easy construction:Using common woodworking tools can be cut to any necessary form,and can be glued and formed with other materials easily.
  5. Environmental protection:No corrosives and toxicity,there are not exhaust gas and peculiar smell under the high temperature,will not cause the injury and pollution to the human body and environment.It’s belong to the products of environment protection.


– Various of industrial furnace or kiln or heat equipment heat insulation:

Electrical equipment -Metallurgical equipment -Glass furnace equipment -Cement kiln -Shipyard cabin -Petrochemical industry -Regenerative Heating Furnace -Industrial coke oven heat insulation


Density(kg/m³) 170 200 230
Rupture Strength(Mpa) ≥0.3 ≥0.4 ≥0.50
Heat Conductitive Co-efficient(W/m.k.) ≤0.048 ≤0.050 ≤0.056
Max Operation Temperaturre 1050 1050 1050
Linear Shrinkage(%) ≤1.5(1000°C,3hrs)
Size(mm) 500x500x25-120;600x300x25-120
Packing By carton or woooden pallet


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