Shuttle kiln and tunnel kiln lining Refractories Recommendation

Tunnel/Shuttle Kiln Refractory Linings
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Tunnel kiln refractory lining structure is silimar with shuttle kiln, here Sijihuo Refractory take tunnel kiln as a example to explain how you should choose the refractory bricks, or insulation materials for linings.

In the tunnel kiln the structure is heated only at the kiln start-up and keeps operating for a long period of time. The load (fire bricks, roof tiles, tiles) assumes the temperature as it moves inside the tunnel, and the firing cycle is completed when the material leaves the kiln.

The structure remains hot and an adequate insulation allows a reduction in the heat loss through the walls. The load and the car can keep the kiln at a satisfactory temperature, as the residual energy can be removed in the cooling zone. All the removed energy associated with the cooling air flow can be used to heat the combustion air or be used in the drying process.

The complete kiln is divided into three zones, according to the thermal treatment to which the load is subjected: preheating, firing and cooling zone. Viewing below structure, the kiln are constructed with several layers.

Shuttle kiln and tunnel kiln lining Refractories Recommendation

Refractory lining recommendation for different layers:

External layer

  • Fire clay brick
  • Low density high alumina fire brick

Internal layer

  • High dense alumina brick
  • Alumina bubble brick

Insulation layer

  • Mullite brick JM 26 JM28
  • High alumina insulation brick
  • Ceramic fiber thermal insulation products

Load support

  • SiC brick
  • Wear resistant fire brick


Tunnel kiln and shuttle kiln are widely used for ceramic, refractory material, electric ceramica and building material industries. The refractory materials are decided by its woking condition, like operating temperature, atmosphere, compressive. And it’s extremely important to choose the correct refractory bricks, or castable to make sure the kiln quality and service life.



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