Corundum brick

Corundum brick is a kind of high alumina refractory bri…

Composition: Al2o3>=90% Bulk density: >=3.0g/cm3

Color: white

Raw material: tabular alumina powder

Size: customized as per drawing

Max service temp: 1900℃

Application: High temp kiln

Capacity:100 tons/day

Package: wooden pallet

Product Overview

Corundum brick is a kind of high alumina refractory bricks, and mainly produced and applied as special refractory mateirals in extreme working conditions. Corundum brick is made of high purity fused alumina powder, white fused alumina oxide or tabular alumina, adding with other binders like refractory clays, reactive alumina powder, and high purity silica.
Corundum bricks are calcined at high temperatures to form a matrix with mullite, mullite-corundum or corundum, which making corundum brick with excellent volume stability structure and service temperature can be reach to 1900°C.


  • excellent volume stability structure
  • Extreme high refractoriness
  • Strong aggressive slag and atmospheres resistance


Mainly used for extreme high temperature, such as the key parts of industrial furnace of steel, electronics, petrochemical, fertilizers, non-ferrous metals, refractory materials, etc.


ITEM Chemical & Physical Properties
Ultra Purity Corundum Brick 99 Corundum Brick 90 Corundum brick Corundum Mullite Brick
AI2O3≥ , % 99.3 98.5 90 80
SiO2 ≤, % 0.15 0.3 8.5 18.5
Fe2O3 ≤, % 0.1 0.2 0.2 0.3
Bulk density≥, g/cm3 3.25 3.25 3.1 2.9
Apparent Porosity ≤ , % 18 18 18 18
Cold crushing strength≥, Mpa 100 100 120 120
Refractoriness under load 0.2Mpa. 0.6%,   1700 1700 1700 1700
Reheating linear change rate , %1450℃,2h 8.1 8.1 8.1 7.6

Professional Suggestions

Considering Corundum Bricks superior characters, they are quite important in industrial furnace application, especially in the chemical industry and for the production of carbon black. Recent years, following the development of refractories, suitable addition of chromium oxide, zirconium oxide, or phosphates has improved bricks’ excellent structural flexibility, to length service life of ash melting furnaces and gas reactors in incinerators.


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