High alumina arc brick

Composition: Al2O3>=48% Refractoriness: 1790℃


Max service temp: 1600℃

Application: Steel ladle

Capacity: 100 tons/day

Package: wooden pallet

Product Overview

High alumina arc brick is a kind of special refractory brick, mainly designed for steel ladle linings in metallurgy industry. Today arc brick is made of bauxite as the raw material, high alumina content with 48%~75%, and being calcined at high temperature in tunnel kiln. It has replaced the past years’ chamotte or clay material, and highly improved refractoriness up to 1790℃, and refractoriness under load up to 1500℃, and with superior resistance to slag.

STOCK SIZE: 280*100*100mm 220*100*100mm

Classification by alumina content: LZ-55, LZ-65, LZ-75


  1. High alumina arc brick with long service life, prolonging 20% compared with fire clay brick
  2. Low specific consumption, and with less impurity
  3. Good resistance to slag and anti-erosion to steel liquid flowing.
  4. More convenient for construction as per its arc shape, minimize the brick joint during masonry.
  5. Improving the steel ladle capacity and usage ratio.


Mainly applied in steel ladle linings, hot blast furnace, electric furnace, boilers, cement rotary kiln and casting steel bricks, etc.


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