Alkali resistant refractory castable

Composition: Al2O3 35% Refractoriness: 1350℃

Product Overview


Type Alkali resistance refractory Castable
Material High strength alkali resistant
refractory castable
Anti-crusting SiC
refractory castable
Max working temp.(℃) 1300 1300
Bulk density after drying at 110℃, g/cm3 2.00~2.40 2.4
Chemical analysis, % Al2O3≥ 48 35
SiO2≤ 45 16
Cold bending strength (Mpa) 110℃*24H 7 8
1100℃*3H 7 8
Cold crushing strength(Mpa) 110℃*24H 70 70
1100℃*3H 70 70
Linear change after heating, % 1100℃*3H ±0.50 ±0.50
Water Addition 8-9% 6-7%
Construction method Vibration Vibration
Application preheater, lining of precalciner & kiln lining cone of preheater,
rising flue&discharging


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