Refractory brick for ladle

Classification by shape:Sleeve brick,Plug brick,Cast br…

Composition: Al2O3>=48% Bulk density: 2.1g/cm3

Raw material: bauxite+clay

Size: customized

Application: steel ladle

Max service temp: 1500℃

Capacity: 80 tons/day

Package: wooden pallet


Product Overview

Classification by shape:Sleeve brick,Plug brick,Cast brick,Tube brick


What kind of refractory brick for ladle is applied?

  1. Before choosing refractory bricks for steel ladle, it’s quite necessary to know the ladle working conditions, then we can understand the ladle refractory lining materials.
  2. Steel ladle normally includes permanent liner, working liner, slag, ladle bottom brick etc. The working temperature is much higher and reach to 1650℃,and recent years, the max working temperature can up to 1800℃ following the improved tech and increasing capacity. These conditions request higher quality of refractory brick for ladles .


Usually for lining of Permanent liner, ladle wall, and bottom, steel plants adopt clay fire bricks, because clay refractory brick is cheaper. High alumina brick is also a good choice, it improves the resistance to liquid and slag.

Professional Suggestions

Requirements on ladle refractory bricks Refractory brick for ladle can form a dense layer of semi-melted state at high temperature. During ladle operating, the lining fire brick’s bulk density can be expandable to achieve brick lining integrity. And importantly, lining brick must be with good thermal shock resistance and corrosion resistance.


  • To improve steel liquid and slag permeability resistance.
  • To improve the brick lining integrity.
  • To withstand high temperature and cooling reactions and repeat usage for times.
  • Try to decrease refractory materials reacting in steel liquid to improve the steel purity.
  • Service life to 30-50 cycles.


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