Phosphate bonded high alumina brick

Phosphate bonded high alumina refractory brick is made …

Composition: Al2O3>=75% Refractoriness: 1790℃

Color: grey

Raw material: Bauxite

Size: as per drawing

Max working temp: 1500℃

Application: cement kiln

Capacity: 100 tons/day

Package: wooden pallet

Product Overview

Phosphate bonded high alumina refractory brick is made of calcined bauxite as aggregate and fine powder, and phosphate as binders, being formed by drying press, and sintering at medium temperature of 400~600℃.

Classification by binders: Phosphate bonded high alumina refractory brick (P) , Phosphate bonded high alumina wear resistant refractory brick (PA)


  • High strength at high temperature
  • Higher refractoriness under loading
  • Good thermal shock resistance
  • Good chemical erosion and corrosion resistance


Widely used for rotary kiln linings of pre-heating zone, transaction zone, cooling zone.


AI2O3≥ , % 75 77 80
Fe2O3≤, % 3.2 3.2 2.0
Bulk density, g/cm3 2.65 2.7 2.8
Apparent Porosity , %
Cold crushing strength, Mpa 60 65 60
Refractoriness≥ ,   1780 1780 1790
Refractoriness under loading ≥ , T0.6/℃ 1300 1350 1460
Thermal conductivity (1000℃), ≤ w/m.k 1.5 1.6 1.6

Professional Suggestions

Recent years, following cement capacity largely demand, it requires the rotary cement kiln with long service life, it means the refractory lining materials must be with good quality. High alumina brick with high RUL and good wear resistance are designed for the rigorous working conditions to improve the refractory linings.


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