chrome-corundum castable

Composition: Al2O3≥90% Refractoriness: 1850℃

Bulk density: 3.1g/cm3

Advantages: Good erosion-resistant, high refractoriness

Application: Hazardous waste incinerator

Product Overview


Type Erosion-resistance
Material chrome-corundum castable
Max working temp.(℃) 1700
Bulk density after drying at 110℃, g/cm3 3.1
Chemical analysis, % Al2O3≥ 90
Cr2O3≤ 5
Modulus of Rupture (Mpa) 110℃*24H 11
1100℃*3H /
1500℃*3H 16
Cold crushing strength
110℃*24H 100
1100℃*3H /
1500℃*3H 165
Linear change after heating, % 1100℃*3H /
1500℃*3H -0.3%
Water Addition 4.5-5%
Construction method Vibration
Application Hazardous waste incinerator, rotary kiln lining



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