Refractory ceramic ball

Composition: Al2O3>=60% Refractoriness: 1790℃


Color: Yellow

Max service temp: 1650℃

Application: Regenerators 

Capacity: 100 tons/day

Package: 1 ton/jumbo bag 


Product Overview

Refractory ceramic balls are made of industrial alumina and refractory kaolin as the main raw materials, which are made by process of scientific proportion, shaping, and calcinating at high tempreture .

Classifcation: Refractory porcelain ball is divided into ordinary refractory ball and high aluminum resistance ball. Refractory porcelain ball high temperature resistance to high temperature can reach 1900 degrees, high mechanical strength and long-term use.
Refractory ball size is ranged diameter 20~80mm.


  1. good mechanical strength and low creep, long service life.
  2. Good chemical stability, uneasily reacting with chemical materials.
  3. Superior high temperature resistance, max up to 1900℃。


Refractory ball application in:

  1. chemical fertilizer plant of high and low temperature transformation furnace, reformer, hydrogenation, desulfurization tank and methanation furnace, dispersed liquid, and supporting, covering and protecting catalyst role,
  2. It can also be used in heating furnace of iron and steel industry and the transformation of equipment.
  3. ordinary refractory ball suitable for sulfuric acid and fertilizer industries converter and transform furnace, high aluminum refractory ball is suitable for industries such as steel, urea, hot blast furnace, heating and transformation furnace and other equipment.


Specification for Refractory Alumina Ball 
Chemical Analysis Al2O3 % ≥ 65-70
SiO2 % ≥ 25-30
Fe2O3 % ≤ 1.5
Physical Index Bulk density   g/cm3  ≥ 2.3
Bulk specific weight   kg/m3 1600~1650
Specific surface area   m2/ m3 200~220
Alkali resistance % 85
Absorption % 5
Moh’s hardness 7
Thermal shock resistance at 1100℃, cold water, cycles ≥ 30
Service temperature(℃)≤ 1550
Size(mm) 15-60
Application Regenerator, Incinerator, Smelting furnace


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