High-Temperature Adhesive

High-temperature Binder, or named high temp adhesive is…

Composition: Al2O3 50-85% Refractoriness: 1100-1780℃

Status: wet and ready for usage

Application: Firebrick masonry or quick repairment

Max service temp: 1000℃-1650℃

Packing: 25kg or 40kg/tank


Product Overview

High-temperature Binder, or named high temp adhesive is a kind of air-setting and high strength material, as a special masonry material for refractory bricks, and thermal insulation bricks.


This product has strong adhesion, good compressive strength, lower temperature shrinkage, strong integrity for the furnace lining, above characters extending furnace service life to a certain extent.

This product is inorganic, non-toxic, tasteless, non-corrosive.


The high-temperature adhesive can be used in refractory brick, insulation brick masonry of various industrial furnaces and stoves, and thermal equipment, and also as a special adhesive of aluminum silicate fiber blanket and board. It can also be used to fill cracks and large holes for repairing kilns.


Al2O3   (%) 35~85
 Fe2O3(%) 1.5~3.5
Bulk density  (g/cm3 1.5-3.0
Max service temperature (℃) 1000~1650℃


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